A Few on Friday

1.  The rain has been doing a lot of getting in the way of my Friday runs as of late.  I'm trying to use it as an opportunity to practice patience but as I sit here in my running gear with the rain pouring on the outside, my teeth are kind of gritted. 

2.  Do you ever have those things that you want to do but you don't really want to do what you have to do in order to do it?  You know what I'm talking about.  Liiiiike I want to make this dress for my nieces:
But I don't want to actually want to sit down a do it.  Same goes with making quilts.  And reading all those books about therapy.  And following a budget.   

Lazy sack of bones.   And biggest nerd on the world wide web.  Well, maybe not.  Lot's of nerds on the WWW.   

3.  I can't stop researching dips.  

4.  How do  you know if your boots are waterproof?  I should google that, I guess.  Have you ever thought about how insane people might think you were if they got a copy of your google search history?  That happened on a show that Brandon was watching recently and it really made me think.  Mine would look something like this:

Akitas. Akita puppies. Akita rescue.  Dips.  Running vest.  Some freaky health condition that I'm convinced I have.  Advent.  Labile.  Leather boots waterproof.     

Just a little glimpse.     

5.  I'm sure ya'll have seen this commercial but I saw it for the first time last night.  
Can't even handle it.    

6.  Have you donated to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance yet?  There's still plenty of time if you want to donate.  This is a good thing since I keep missing these 7 mile Friday runs.  

Another huge thanks that everyone who has donated so far.  Yous guys are awesome!

7.  Looking for something to read this Holla-day season?  Check out The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.  I know I've gabbed about it before but it really is good.  And much easier to read than you'd think as it's so dang big.  

8.  I cannot handle how terrified of thunder the 140# Big Browne Hound is.  I'd take a picture of him but he is huddled up in our dark bedroom with the Brandon. 

9.  Heading to Oxford tonight to eat at Jinsei  and scoot my (hopefully waterproof) boots to Dickey Do and the Don'ts.  This has inspired me to create a Toby Keith station on Spotify which led to me rocking out to My Maria by Brooks and Dunn.  Dance to that one real quick and then try to not have a good morning. 

Happy Friday buds!  Have a good one and be present!

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