A Few on Friday

1.  I fixed my first Thanksgiving feast yesterday.  It was my second feast of the day and it was for Brandon's family.  There were highs and lows but overall, it was good stuff.  More to come on this one.  

2.  Speaking of that Thanksgiving feast, I wish I had some brie.  
 find it here

3.  So it's 620 am and I'm standing in my kitchen drinking coffee, blawging, in a full running outfit.  I'm not running my scheduled seven miles because it's 24 degrees outside.  I'm afraid I've gotten even more cold natured which really isn't good, y'all.  It's also not good the aversion to running I've developed this week.  Someone please tell me that this too shall pass!

4.  I decorating for Christmas last night and was reminded of how much I adore Christmas cards.  They are they best!  I keep them all in my Christmas card bucket and love looking back through them.  

5.  This fabric is on sale at fabric.com if anyone is interested:
They have this fabric every year which means that every year someone buys it.  I'm so confused.  Somewhere out there, is someone making curtains with this?  Quilts?  A-line dresses?  I can't even talk about it.     

6.  Check out this guy!  So full of turkey still. 

Happy Friday, friends!  Enjoy yourself, be present, eat up those leftovers. 

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