The Great Chicken Debacle

The topic of frozen chicken was recently discussed over at Somehow We Manage.  I was grateful for said discussion as it combined something I hate (dealing with chicken) with something I love (my crock pot).  Since one situation contained two such extreme emotions, the end result would be (I hope) a feeling of neutrality.

I put frozen chicken breast on my grocery list and looked forward to chicken and avocado soup as a Sunday night dinner.  When I got to the Wal Mart to do my shopping, I was immediately freaked out by the bags of frozen chicken breast.  I kept seeing the word glaze and imagining the horrors of chicken processing.  It was a tough few minutes.

Mine eyes soon found this box of chicken; it claims on the package to raise the chickens humanely.  Do they?  Who knows.  I'm pretty convinced that all of these big companies are lying to me but am to afraid to do the research.  In the meantime, I guess, I'll just make cute banners proclaiming my wish that people treat their chickens kindly.     

 can anyone spy the little piece of hey i wonder what this does editing I did on this photo and then forgot to delete? 

You may be wondering hey girl...if you're that horrified by chicken and the state of meat in general, why do you still eat it?  That's a good question.  For one, I've got that husband that isn't ready to go off the meat.  I enjoy cooking meals that we both can enjoy.  For two, I've got to get my protein in especially since I'm doing all of this crazy running.  Yes, I'm aware that I can eat beans and other plant based proteins but sometimes, a gal just needs variety.  

This leads me to the debacle part of this (thank God, her readers say) and that is this:

How does one balance the desire to eat things that are healthy for my body, the desire to eat food that is minimally processed and/or humanly treated, the desire to eat things that are tasty and the desire to not have a grocery bill that rivals a family of six.  

And that's kind of where I am.  These things fall into a different order of importance on different days.  Also gotta factor in that the Mississippi Delta isn't exactly a healthy/clean food oasis.  Getting better, though.  Just not quite there yet.  

Debacles are chaotic, don't you know. 

Thoughts on this?  (Aside the fact that I'm kind of a nut...that ones pretty well established.)  Where do you get your meat / animal products?  If you don't eat meat, what are your favorite protein sources?  Discuss.     
And in case you were wondering, frozen chicken in the crock pot comes out beautifully....

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  1. New header! So fun.

    And yes, I spy your editing faux pas. But it took me a minute. It really blends with the packaging.

    I had a short stent with "real/clean food", and then I got pregnant. Ain't nobody got time for that!
    I do the best I can.