A Few on Friday

1.  Hey!

2.  What about this crazy weather that's being predicted?  Hope all you cats are staying warm and safe. 

3.  While we are on the topic of this crazy weather...let's talk about this:
It's cheesy Brussels sprouts lasagna and I think someone needs to make it this weekend and bring me a square.  I feel like it could warm ones chili bones right up.  You can find the recipe here.

4.  I can't tell if the Big Browne Hound loves the tree and is trying to snuggle with it or is trying to intimidate it into getting out of his spot.  

5.  Y'all my OCNA fundraiser is 74% funded!!  How amazing is that?  It's so amazing.  Two months and two days to go!  I'm running a half marathon tomorrow.  I meant to sign up for St. Jude but it filled up to fast!  Maybe a good thing because I think Memphis is going to be kind of a hot mess tomorrow.  ANYWAY.  If anyone in Greenwood wants to set up water and / or cheering stations around town tomorrow please do.  I think I'm going to run the Viking Half Marathon Route just for kicks and something different.  Please pray for my toes, they are getting scary looking.

6.  Christmas Cats TV.  

7.  Loving all this good energy and talk of Nelson Mandela

8.  I should be gearing up for the Greenwood Christmas Parade right but instead I'm sitting in my cubical eating a Lenny's sub.  Why?  Because it got canceled due to weather!  NBD, thought, as this just means that next year is going to be even better.....

Happy weekend cuties!  Make it a good one!!         

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