If November focused on being grateful then December is all about Advent.  Or being adentagious.  Wait, that's not right?  Oh, sorry.  

OK so Advent.  I didn't grow up with much more than an Advent wreath but I'm looking forward this year to learning more about this magical season.  If you interested, join me in checking out this Advent calendar from Busted Halo. It's got little daily quips to focus on and there is even a micro challenge, which I'm guessing is kind of like a physical challenge but for Advent.  

Today is all about hope.  

I could quote that amazing part from Hope Floats were twangy Sandra Bullock inspires us all but I'm not.  Instead, I'm going to leave you with what my priest, Peter, left us with today.  Or what I took from what he said.  

Be prayerful.  Be grateful.  Trust that God is going to show up exactly where/when he is supposed to. 


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