Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up

Well hey guys.  Let's talk about holiday recipes.  The good, the bad, the dry.  

For the sake of getting the worst out of the way first, let's start with the bad.  

I stumbled upon this recipe while cruising the always awesome How Sweet It Is blog.  Upon finding something called "Cheddar Chocolate Truffle Dip" most people would kindly say no thank you and keep right on looking.  Not this girl.  Nope  This girl said well that sounds amazing and made a special trip to Cleveland for marscarpone cheese.  I'm pretty sure that I know where I went wrong.  You are supposed to wait to top the cheese dip with the truffles but Captain Lack of Patience over here just didn't have time for any of that.  What I wound up with was a layer of cheese with a layer of melted chocolate on top.  But the fun doesn't stop there.  I didn't just make this dip....I made it for a gathering.  There were lots of confused stares.  At least the pretzel twists were good.  If you're curious, check the recipe out here.   

Let's move on to Thanksgiving day.  My family Thanksgiving involves about a massive bunch of people gathering together at a lodge outside of Jackson.  Each year, everyone is assigned something to bring.  Maybe it's a gallon of sweet tea, maybe it's an app, maybe it's a side.  If you are Chickey, it's almost always a 2 liter coke.  This year, I was got tapped to bring the corn casserole.  I used this recipe from Paula Deen.  It was amazing.  Life changing almost.  Easy.  Kept well in one of those keep it hot bags for like 3 hours.  I mean, it got a little flat but that's not going to ruin any one's time.  I didn't snap a picture but mine looked no different from the Food Network's.  Sally forth.

Thanksgiving night, I cooked supper for me and Brandon.  Check it out!
Meat first.  That there is a turkey that was given to us by Brandon's work.  It was around a seven pound bird (weighed it on my scales) and we cooked it for around 45 minutes at 350.  It was precooked.  And a little dry.  But for the first year, I think it went pretty well.  Sandwiches for days over here.  

Let's move on to the spinach.  I used Ina Gartin's recipe for spinach gratin. It was pretty delish, especially when you stumbled upon a chunk of gruyere.  Kind of like finding a 20$ bill in  your coat.  

You know what's better than finding a 20$ bill in your pocket?  This macaroni and cheese recipe.  Seriously.  It was my favorite of the night and I had it for leftovers no less than three times.  I would have had it for more leftovers but it only made a 9x9 dish.  Bummer of the holiday season.  

Last up for the sides was the stuffing (dressing?).  Due to my inability to make cornbread, this dish was outsourced.  If you are anywhere near Greenwood this Christmas (or next Thanksgiving) order your stuffing (dressing?)  from KKs.  It's legit.  And they give you a zip lock with three eggs and instructions.

Here's how it all looked on the plate:
Last but not least even a little was dessert.  My friend MaryNeff shared this one with me and hallelujah I am so glad she did.  You can find the recipe right here.   
Hope you enjoyed this Thanksgiving recipe round up!  I'll probably be full until December 12.    

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