'Twas The Day After Christmas.... (Old Fashion Oatmeal)

.....And I'm still a little full. 


(And maybe macaroni and cheese.)

But still, a girl has to eat.  Especially since a girl has to run this morning.  

Enter the day after Christmas conundrum.  What does one eat for breakfast after days of dips?  And what about those cupboards?  Mine are empty aside for Christmas goodies and taco seasoning.  And old fashion oats.  

Enter:  Mexican Oatmeal.  

Enter:  oatmeal with whatever is in your pantry stirred in to make it taste less like, well, oatmeal.  

1/2 cup of old fashion oats
1 cup of milk
1 tbl of jelly
1 banana, sliced

Points plus 8 

There you go.   A hearty cold weather breakfast to help you ease back into normal life post Christmas.  

Happy Thursday, friends! 

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