A Few on Friday

1.  Thanks, NPR, for teaching me the good things that happened this year.  And for letting me know that the restrictions on the import of Burmese Pythons might be lifted.

2.  Have you checked out this NY Times article that can tell you where you live according to the way you answer 25 questions?  It had me dead on.  So interesting.  Check it out!

3.  Do you watch Community?  You should.  It's kind of amazing.  

4.  Speaking of things that are kind of amazing, head on over to youtube and search Jimmy Fallon hashtags and prepare to belly laugh.  

5.  I've obviously been really productive lately.     

6. Can we please all work together and bring back Clearly Canadian?  Visit here and help bring it back.  I want a case of cherry.  And blackberry.  Lord how I love a beverage....

7.  You know what would go perfectly with my Clearly Canadian?  Some hot mess brownies.  

8.  What about all this cold weather?  Then hot weather?  Then rainy weather?  This is a nice reminder.  Thanks Nancy's pinterest board.  

9.  I cannot seem to get on blogging track.  I would say you weren't missing anything buuuut I made nachos last week and they were kind of awesome....

Happy weekend friends!  Have a good one, be well, do things you love!  


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