A Few on Friday!

1.  I love you, goat cheese!  And no, goat cheese isn't a secret name for a secret person.  It's simply a cheese that gives my at my desk salad a bit of a zing.

2.  I bought myself this scarf.  It's not on the website so I'm showing you the ebay site.  I know, I know.  I'm supposed to be mad at Lululemon for their constant shenanigans but I really love this scarf.  And their pants.  And their braws. 

Here's a video:
3.  I miss writing in this space.  I'm going to try to come back more. 

4.  What have I been doing all this time?  Researching yoga therapy and trauma and mindfulness and how I can get my teeny tiny brain wrapped around all this information.  I'm going to try really really hard to go to this workshop: Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Modern Yoga for Transforming Trauma.  

I've got flights figured out, rental cars too, but need to sell it to the following people/groups of people:

Brandon (aparently, he likes having me around to share hound care duties

My boss/hospital/co-workers

The Mississippi  Board of Examiners of Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapist (it doesn't offer continuing education credits!  RUDE.) 

5.  Brandon and I have started receiving Fitness magazine.  I don't understand.  

6.  Have you tried to donate to my MS River Marathon OCNA fundraiser?  If so, thank you!  And I'm sorry if maybe it didn't work.  I've got an email out to the powers that be. 

7.  I'm making chicken fettuccine alfredo tonight and I can't even handle it.  It's kind of my last carb it up meal before the race in a few weeks.  I won't miss running for 128 miles but I'll absolutely miss carb loading.  Carb loading is my favorite.

8.  Me and a couple of gals of scheduled appointments to get blowouts in Nashville before my best ghi's wedding.  What do you think they are going to do with this bang?  Nervous.     

9.  If YOU are nervous about anything, you should come to the Let Go and Flow workshop at Sudio A in Greenwood.  Call the spa (866.728.6700) and sign up! 

Happy weekend dear friends!  Be well and do good work!

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