Artichoke and Red Pepper Pizza + CBC January

Cookbook Club!  We are doing a new switch 'em up cookbook thing and I'm probably going to have to bring in a mathematician or a statistician or some other type of 'stician to help out with the who's and the what's.  In the meantime, though, I'm going to tell you about this pizza. 
This pizza (and the whole meal but we'll get to that) was solid.  It was not only eat it as an appetizer solid but it was also feed it to your family solid.  If, of course, your family is a family that enjoys an artichoke and a mushroom.  If not then come back later, we're having fettuccine.

It's pretty easy to put together...uses a refrigerated crust and aside from some shredding and chopping, doesn't take much effort on your part.  Or my part.  Or whoever's part.  You know what else doesn't take much effort?  Showing  you the picture of the recipe instead of typing it out.  Work smarter not harder, right?  Bam. 
Curious about the rest of our meal?  We had an asparagus tart, a pork tenderloin, some zucchini soup and some spinach madeline.  Everything was tasty and I would make it all again.  We also had a twinkey cake (yes, you read right) but I didn't get a picture of it as I was to busy devouring every last bite of it and then trying to find a not-redneck way to lick the plate.          
Happy Monday, buckaroos!

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