Over It.

This morning in the church pew, my buddy Nancy and I discussed the riveting topic of burnout.  Not because burnout had anything to do with the sermon or the readings or anything at all, but just because it was in the air. 

This discussion has been in and out of my brain today and as it turns out, my list of things that I'm over is kind of long. 

In no particular order and not all inclusive:

Big Browne's shedding
Meal planning
Cleaning the floors
Minding a budget
Eating healthy food
Wearing pants that button

So basically anything that is good for me and society as a whole, I'm over.  Why?  I'm not sure.  Maybe it's something to do with the planet alignment or this strange warm front or that polar vortex that's on it's way.  Guys.  I just don't know... 

Here's what I do know:  being over things, feeling burned out, comes with a hefty dose of guilt.  I'm grateful for my hound, my legs, the food before me, the house with the floors, the money to budget, the pants to button.  But I'm over it.  Not in the mood to deal with any of it.  Which is not right, right?  

Any one feel me?  Or is the cheese standing alone over here?  

What I'm working on today is being with the funky feeling of being over things, even good things.  Practicing kindness towards myself even when myself kind of sucks.  Knowing that these feelings will pass and even if they don't, we'll all be OK.  We're all doing the best we can, yo, and all of this funkiness will disappear just as suddenly as it appeared.  There are good days to rock and bad days to breathe through.  As long as we are doing at least some of the things we are supposed to be doing then that's enough.  Right?  Right.

Happy Sunday guys!    



  1. I'm with you! At times I feel 100% amazing about my life and everything that I have going on...at other times, I feel just "blah." I really do think that it's the weather. We'll get over it. :)

  2. Hi! I found you through Sarah Berry and took an instant liking to you! I ran my first full marathon a year ago (Chicago!) and have become a devout yogi in the past 6 months. (17 years of distance running and never stretching makes for a hilarious experience in yoga!)… Just felt like it was time to stop creeping and introduce myself. Also, I've said "I'm so over it" approximately 1649 times since 2014 started. Keep on keepin' on!