Lent 2014

Well hey there guys.  

Just checking in to say that I'm checking out.  

Giving it up.  Leaving it for a bit. 

Giving up what you might ask?  

The social media.....the Facebook, the Insta, the Twitter, the Pinterest, the Blogger. 

That was kind of an embarrassing list to write.   

Lent is still kind of new to me but in my mind, it means a time of quiet reflection, getting back to basics.  Sackclothes and ashes, yo. 

A time of prayer, repentance, alms giving, atonement and self denial if you want to ask the wiki. 

Since I waste a lot of time on the social media, I figure it's going to be a great way to move into a space that is quiet.  

Less snark, more compassion. 
Less reaction, more intention. 
Less judgey, more lovey.  
Less chitta vitti, more shanti.   

What will I be doing with all of this spare time that I usually spend trolling the web?  

Well....there's the Lent Madness that my SS class is following.  Take some time and learn about Christina the Astonishing.  You will not be sorry. 
There's also the Bishops Bible Challenge...we will be reading through 1 and 2 Corinthians and Romans.  I've signed up the email updates, you can sign up, too, right here!

Don't forget about those folks at the Episcopal Relief and Development...they've got what promises to be a lovely, meaningful, thought provoking meditation series.  Check it.   

Happy day, dear friends!

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