A Few on Friday

1.  I'm back from my Lenten hiatus!  I've got lots to say about it.  But not much motivation to say it.  Stay tuned, yo. 

2.  My big pretty legs have gotten a little bit bigger (and prettier, maybe??) it seems.  While I don't attach my self worth to the size of my hams, I do find thigh chafing and the horrid short ride up to be quite the bummer.  I'm now in the market for some roomier, longer runnin' shorts.  Suggestions?  Shorts to avoid?  Thigh shrinking cream?

Or maybe I could just say to hell with it all and channel Tanya Harding while I run.  Promise me you'll click on that link, it's amazing.

3.  Speaking of shorts:

4.  Things like natural disasters always remind me of how so much pain and so much beauty can exist at the exact same time.  People loose everything, people give everything.  It's goodness in action. 

I heard a story this morning on my way into work about a man from the coast who has pulled together donations and is cooking meals for people impacted by this week's weather.  He shared that after Katrina, he ate only MREs for about a week and a half.  When a crew came through passing out homemade meals, he said that it was, and still is, the best meal he's ever eaten.  Better than anything that's come from Commander's Palace he said.  So he got his truck, got some propane and some food donated and set out to feed the masses.  One of many wonderful stories circulating.  Keep helping, people.  

5.  Check out this awesome info-graphic for beating stress and increasing happiness.  Stress is zero fun, right?       

6.  Did anyone else obsessively watch the Boston Marathon last week?  I did, from my desk.  That Rita Jeptoo doesn't appear to struggle with the shorts ride up like this girl does.

7.  I need new makeup!  Things are orange over here up on my face.  I'm thinking Tarte as it's cruelty free and gets good reviews.  I need a solid make up counter in my life as not to stack problems on top of problems with mismatching color and all that jazz.  What do you wear?     

8.  And what do you eat for lunch?  I love a PB and J but I'm afraid that the time is quickly approaching where the sight of a PB and J might send me into a blind rage.  Remember I commute and don't have access to exotic ingredients. 

9.  If you feel like you don't have enough interesting articles related to mental health on your Facebook news feed, you should go 'like' our page over at the Sunrise Clinic.        

10.  I want to run this!!!! Who's with me?? 

Happy weekend, tater tots!  I'm spending my weekend at the Que on the Yazoo.  If you're around, you should come!!  Check it out here


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  1. i can share my makeup knowledge, although there are much more informed people than me!