A Few on Friday

1.  I must have this burger at some point this weekend.

2.  Guess where I'm heading in a week?  Kripalu!  I still don't know how to pronouce it, nor do I know how I'm going to handle living in a dorm for a week but I'm going!  I'll be spending my week there learning about the treatment of trauma, doing yoga and not eating meat.  Good thing I'm going to get that burger in before I go.  

3.  I'll be coming in hot from a week of meditation and mindfulness straight to the Bruno Mars concert in Memphis.  Isn't life beutiful in its irony sometimes? 

4.  I'm heading out on a river kayaking adventure tomorrow.  If I get eaten by an alligator, I love you all. 

5.   Signed up for the St. Jude half marathon, it's in December and I'm pumped that this year I wont be triaining for a race during Christmas.  It's hard to enjoy Christmas Spirit Libations when you have to run 47 miles the next day.  I'm kidding, I've never run 47 miles.  I would die.  I would have died if I had to go to 27 miles.  Or my toe would have just fallen off.  Either one, death or toe falling off, is just not cool.  

ANYWAY.  I'm going to be running as a St. Jude Hero with a goal to raise $1000.  Here is the link to my fundraising site if you'd like to donate.  I'm pumped.   I know it's like 200 days away but I had to land hotel rooms so I figured that I'll just be pumped for 200 days.

6.  Speaking of running,  it sure is already warm at 6 am here in the MS Delta.  

7.  You know what goes well with warm weather?  Wine.  Specifially self serve wine.  Check the Greencork next time you are in Memphis, it's a self serve wine joint.  Maybe I should franchize it up in the delta.  Anytime I can get just a sampling of a Rose, I'm a happy gal.

I'm also a happy gal about a three day weekend, hopefully you'll get one, too!  Be well, have a great weekend!       

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