A Few on Friday

1.  If you're not listening to This American Life, A: why the hell not and B: go to this website immediately.  It's some of the top episodes ever aired.  I can speak for the episode about Harper High School, it's phenomenal.  One that I especially enjoyed listening to whilst on my commute is The Psychopath Test.  Wouldn't it be awkward if you found out one day that you were a Psychopath?  That would be so awkward.

2.  You know what else is awkward?  The amount I've time I've spent publicly rubbing my eyelids during this spring allergy season. 

3.  I have a running list of things I want to do but don't want to exert the energy required to do them.  A constant on this list is become a vegetarian or at least like a 99% vegetarian (I don't know what that is but let's move on).  I like this article by a food blogging vegetarian about what she eats in a week.  I also like noodles. 
 find it here
4.  I just had a realization that I want to be a vegetarian mostly because of animal cruelty/the often funkiness of meat but kind of because I just want to eat noodles and peanut butter.
5.  I missed/didn't miss a ton about social media but one thing that I did miss was quick visual reminders like these:

find these on Black Swan Yoga 183's FB page

6.  Heard on a morning show whist getting ready.  And some of this is paraphrased but the good stuff isn't.  

Don't ask boring questions on a date.  Ask unexpected questions!  Like......have you ever counted all of your freckles? 


To be fair, the ladies giving this advice wrote a book called "Smitten:  How the Brilliant Flirt" and they talked (at 6 am) with husky voices and said you only get rejected because you are so awesome.  

Confidence?  Yes, absolutely, all the time, bring it.  Being ridiculous?  Let's leave that at home.  

7.  The Big Browne Hound bounced around like a kangaroo when I got home yesterday.  For a dog who, on an exciting day, is best described as blunted...this is was exciting stuff!

Happy weekend, dudes!  Keep it real!  Hug your mama!  If you can't hug your mama, hug someone else!

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