Flappy Pork Cutlets and Doing Your Best

Let's be honest, people.   Eating healthy can be a bit of a bummer.  The portions are small, the cream sauce is absent, the baked-on breading flaps off at the corner a little bit.  It can appear dreadful, really, it can.  
But then, oh but then, you look a little closer and realize those are steamed veggies with some lemon juice and that the piece 'o pork is not just any piece of pork, but a piece of pork from a 4-H pig.  4-H pigs are lovingly fed and raised and (I've been promised) humanely slaughtered.  Makes me feel good to know where my meat comes from.  

Also makes me feel good to know that after this meal, I'm sitting on my couch thinking about the pineapple I'm about to cut up instead of regretting the Cinco de Mayo fajitas and cheese dip and brewskis oh my.  

I think the bummer of eating healthy is less about what you are eating and more about what it involves.  Eating healthy involves planning and calculating and washing fresh things and going to the grocery store on Sunday afternoon.  All of that stuff is not fun, at least according to lazy mind.  Lazy mind (friend of bad mind, anxiety mind, depression mind, etc.) enjoys sloth and gluttony and take out.  Lazy mind calls the shots as long as lazy mind is allowed to call the shots; lazy mind is more likely to call the shots the longer it's allowed to call the shots.  

Letting mindful mind (or clear mind or what ever you'd like to call it) take charge allows you to be less tied up in fun/not fun or want/don't want and focus more on what is the best thing for me at this moment?  

Instead of saying I'm going to get back on track this week!!  I'm going to say I'm going to do the best I can today!!  With food and exercise and kindness and budgets and attitude and all of that stuff that lazy mind says is no fun but mindful mind says sure does make you feel better.

Unless I fall face first into some ice cream in the next hour or so, we can chalk this up to a pretty good day...flappy pork cutlets and all! 

Interested in trying them?  Here you go!
9 points plus Panko Crusted Cutlets    

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  1. I've been fighting the lazy mind fight and the pity mind fight a lot lately with food choices. Thanks for your honesty.