A Few Truths....

.....or at least my truths

I've been spending some time thinking about what to make of this space that is my blawg.  I haven't gotten very far but I did want to stop in and share these things that I have found to be true today.

1.  Things, they come to light when it's time. 

Example: Several years ago, I heard a song on the XMU satellite radio station that I l-o-v-e loved.  Unfortunately, the screen was out in my rattle trap of a car radio so I had no idea what the song was, who sang it, nothing.  I tried to figure out who it was, almost tweeted one of the radio guys with a brief description of the song to get some info.  Eventually, I stopped thinking about, sent it to that back part of my brain where the things I used to really worry about go.  This morning, while my Spotify was shuffling along...there she was.  The song is Gangsta by Tune-yards and it's weird and lovely and I had a wonderful time jamming out. 

See?  Things, they come to light when it's time.

2.  Time spent watching funny you-tube videos does not always equal time wasted, sometimes it equals best 2 minutes of your day.  


3.  That Mary Oliver, she was on to something.