Don't Maybe call this a comeback.

A comeback from the spiraling out of control that has been my life over the last 2 or 8 weeks or something like that.  

You know how it is.  Moving, traveling, lazy pants....all of these things can get in the way of one's intention to be  healthy and centered and lean.  

But as the saying goes....one day at a time

Yesterday, I didn't polish off any cheese friends and today, so far, I've run, yoga'd and eaten this sassy lunch consisting of an avocado sandwich and a salad with almost turnt fruit and feta (feta is my life source).  I also locked us (me, Brandon, the Big Browne Hound) out of our apartment but that's a story for another day.  
Stay tuned for tales of awkward fish buying (The fish was awkward, not me.  I promise.) and bean salad that's a bit strong on the parsley.  

Hugs and fist bumps to you all and thanks for the recent comments!        

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  1. Glad things are settling a bit. Going vegetarian is much easier in Oxford btw! I hope you three love it. Just don't go shopping on game days.