A Few on Friday

1.  I can't handle this book: 

The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons is written by a fella named Sam Kean; he's able to explain the brain in a witty and straightforward way.  I've been fascinated with the brain/mind/all that jazz since attending the Mindfulness conference at Kripalu in June.  Seriously, guys, can't get enough.  It's a bit graphic, though, know that going in if you've got a weak stomach. 

2.  I also cannot handle the following products from Lush:

Big Shampoo

No Drought

Dark Angels 

All three of these products are fantastic for an oily gal like myself; the Big Shampoo is especially fantastic and can only be described as a game changer.  Also, since it's Lush, they are working to fight animal testing and are all handmade and natural and shiz. 

3.  I'm starting a new job Monday.  I'll be working in a high school and absolutely plan to channel Tina Fey 85% of the time.  

4.  I went to my second but by far hottest hot yoga class this afternoon.  It was great but I must admit that at one point I floated up above myself kind of like I did when I was running the marathon in February.  I'd brought my inhaler (just in case) but neglected to bring a medium size towel and a change of clothes, both of which would have been much more useful.  

Seriously.  Didn't think it was possible for one person to sweat that much.  

5.  We at the McCaleb apartment are on a Rose kick.  Well, the mister is on a rose kick and that's what he keeps bringing home when he runs to the store to grab a bottle of something.  Me?  Not complaining.  Enjoying my glass.  Like, as I type.

What are you kicking back this summer?   

Happy weekend!  I wish you radness!        

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  1. That book looks awesome! Also, I'm a newbie to yoga- been about 8 months, off and on. Started as a means to an end so that I could run injury-free one day, but now I am obsessed. But I've only ever done hot yoga. Don't think I could do it any other way. And why does my sweat from hot yoga smell differently (and more disgusting) than any other sweat? Like, what? Good luck with the kiddos… hope you get to coach Mathletes. You need a jacket. Glad the blog is back.