A Few on Friday

1.  Does What Not To Wear still come on?  If so, I'm going to need someone to nominate me for it.  Since I'm working in a high school now I'm rocking high school-esq clothes...hip teachers please tell me where you shop.  I'm so confused.  Today, for example, I wore a denim-y button up, some capri khakis from the Loft, flip flops and my mala beads.  It's worth mentioning that my mala beads had some ketchup on them.  I'm basically killing it with hip-ness up at OHS.

2.  I've been semi-killing it with dinner, too.
Blackened shrimp salad + a festive Rose.  Bam.  

3.  I've signed up for yoga teacher training through Southern Star in Oxford.  I'm 50% excited, 30% terrified and 20% beyond pumped because it meals I'm going to get a fresh three ring binder and some new books.  Namaste, y'all.  

4.  Speaking of things that I've signed up for...we are quickly approaching that St. Jude half marathon.  Have you made your donation yet?  Well, well, well you should jump on that!  Donate HERE.

5.  One benefit of living in a collage (college?) town is Communiversity.  I'm thinking introduction to sign language. That's a useful skill, right?  It's between that and fencing.  But not really.  I'd be the first one to loose an eye, that's for damn.  
5.  People keep saying "yes sir" to Brandon in his classes.  This makes me belly laugh.  It doesn't make him belly laugh.  Wherps.  

Happy Friday, guys and gals!  Keep it real, make it a good one.....