We Belong To Each Other

If we made a list of things that are hard for me to remember it would include the following:  how to spell college and that we belong to each other.  

At least, that's how Mother Theresa put it.  We belong to each other.  Isn't that lovely?  We could also say we are in this together or we are all one or we are all just walking each other home.  Whatevs.  Same thing.  Same meaning.  Same party.  We're all here.  And in it.  And you know, sometimes we are in it.  But that's another day, another post.  

I started my yoga teacher training this morning.  Yes, this morning.  In Oxford.  The day after the Ole Miss Rebels beat the Alabama Crimson Tide so everyone was a bit tired.  I also had some tightness in my chest after a rousing wave of anxiety the night before.  What caused it?  Probably energy knowing it's about to get stirred up something good and not wanting to face it.  But that is, also, another day, another post.  

Today I'll remember that we all belong to each other.  Me, you, Brandon, the neighbors that are never here in my complex but are here this weekend and up in my parking spots.   The man sitting next to me at the game yesterday that had his middle fingers proudly extended as he called the refs everything but children of God.  The people that came before us, the people that will come after us.  

I've a brain that forgets and does better with visual cues.  So it's only natural that I think this is the coolest:
Notice not the watch, not the pony tail holder but the band of red (crimson?) string.  It's worn at the start of a journey and stays there until it is ready to fall off.  We sat together this morning, knee to knee, left hands up (receivin') and right hands down (givin') touching strangers that wont be strangers for much longer, knowing that we are all together not just on a journey to learn about yoga but on a journey to learn about the self.  Or the Self.  In oneness, breathing and belonging to each other.  From one long string came the bracelets that we will wear for the next bit of time.  Reminding me each time I look down that we belong to each other. 

We ended our time with Om Shanti (peace to me) Shanti (peace to you) Santihi (peace from our little group to the rest of the world).  My bitchy critical self said this is stupid but my kind self stepped in and said kindly hush, this is wonderful.  

Thanks be to God for journeys. 


A Few on Friday

1.  It's 5:21 in the morning and I'm making chocolate chip cookies with kettle chips in them.  Well, I was making them until I realized that I was out of baking soda so now I'm waiting until 6am to hit up the Kroger.  The struggle is real, y'all. 

2.  I think my knee is broken!  Well, not really.  I think I've got an IT band strain.  That's what I and Dr. WebMD have diagnosed me with so you know it's legit.  Feels like I'm being stabbed in the knee every time I walk.  Well, not every time but sometimes.  Please send my left knee good energy so that I'll be in tip top shape, or at least some version of it, for the St. Jude half in December!  These hills, I blame them. 

3.  I believe I slept through a tornado in Oxford last night.  I hope it didn't take down Game Day, that would be awkward. 

4.  I'm on the hunt for a new bag.  I think this Lines and Stripes Catch All would fit the bill.

5.  My bud Win and I went to a great little bible study/meaningful group called Connections at St. Peters this week.  The discussion was related to a chapter from the book The Secret Power of Yoga and it was all about sustaining equanimity.  It's really cool how if you wait and keep you eyes open, the paths of life will start to melt all together to create so pretty cool lessons to really learn what's out there for you to learn.  I've learned about equanimity in my counseling world, this book is one that had just arrived at my door step for Yoga Teacher Training and this is all being talked about at my new church!  I think that's the coolest.  But back to the discussion - it was good stuff.  Check out the book if you are interested...I haven't read it yet but if the whole book is anything like that one chapter than I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up, way up.  Find the book on amazon right here and head to Chapter 6 if you are interested.   

6.  Speaking of St. Peters, the blessing of the animals in next Saturday morning.  I'm taking the Big Browne Hound and it might be so cute that I will fall out right then and there.  Amidst the newly blessed animals and a bunch of people that I don't know.

Guys, if you're still out there, I hope you're well.  I'll be back soon!